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Principal's Message

Mr Moore
A recent study showed that, since the invention of the smart phone, the average adult now has an attention span of eight seconds.  Surveys have also shown that employers are struggling to find people with basic life skills, like the ability to: communicate effectively, work with others, follow through on basic tasks, be organized, use common sense and so on.  

We are reaching a point where skills that were once common will now set people apart from their peers.  At Waialua Elementary, we make those life skills a special point of emphasis.  Those with the ability and will to focus, persist and adapt in the face of tasks and challenges will have a big advantage.  We want to give our students the tools to compete effectively with anyone.  

In academics, we emphasize a high degree of rigor and responsibility.  Students need to be able listen actively, study to remember, and attend to detail so they can "do correctly."  We call this "listen, remember & do."  These behaviors are necessary for students be effective working independently and in teams.  

We also do afternoon "academies" to promote project based learning and teamwork.  In addition, we are a Covey school and teach students the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students.  We also are more than halfway towards becoming a 1:1 school - where every student has access to a computer device in every classroom.  

We appreciate the cooperation and support of our parents and community.